Talent mapping

Head hunting


Talent Search and Development

Talent is the bedrock of any organisation. Every infrastructure, business model or best-laid plan of any organisation will ultimately crumble under its own weight without the input of human resource.

At Talgen, talent is critical to our business model, it is the spine, which keeps us standing and carries our drive for efficient outcomes. Our talent search and development involves a masterfully planned, meticulous and intentional mapping out of potential vintage talent and providing guidance and direction in their development process until they are custom fit for desired positions.

Talgen is the conveyor belt that constantly churns out refined talents that we have carefully selected, groomed and made ready for the purpose of satisfying our highly demanding clientele.

Our search and developmental processes include but not limited to

-  Talent mapping
-  Head hunting
-  Recruitment
-  Training
-  Re-training
-  Technology application

We have a birds eye view of the industry hence, we recognise talent supply gap long before the demand is put in and work assiduously to ensure whenever we are called upon, we come in ready to provide suitable candidates that would help business expansion and achieve critical key performance index( KPI) which are essential in driving growth.

We are competitive and fully adaptive in an ever changing and challenging talent demand/supply market. We collaborate, listen and understand our clients need(s) and promptly swing into action to uphold our mantra of excellence by providing suitable talents to fill their needs.