Compensation Management, Tax and Executive / Expatriate Onboarding

Every employee or potential employee deserves remuneration that is commiserate with the value they bring or quality of work done at a given time. The concept of compensation management is to set a detailed structure which an organisation uses to determine what their employees are entitled to as a reflection of their experience, expertise, potential or work done.

It is a tool utilised by firms to aid talent management and employee retention. This involves the use of monetary and non-monetary tools like leave allowances, health cover and vacation bonus to attract and keep talents thereby staying ahead of the competition and reducing talent turnover.

Compensation managers use a series of tools, apt and accurate data and an in-depth knowledge of the market to design a compensation package that is competitive and market friendly. This package ultimately brings benefits to both employees and management.

Talgen understands the critical role compensation management plays in driving the vision and misson of any organisation. Our highly experienced compensation management professionals will help you design a custom fit plan for your organisation that will always be relevant, competitive and guaranteed to attract and keep highly sought after talents.

We achieve this by leveraging on our experience, knowledge of market trend and access to elit level and peer reviewed data that gives you an edge in the ever evolving and competitive environment of talent attraction and retention.


Every legally registered company as well as its employees ought to pay tax. It is a constitutional responsibility to and an offence not to. Some don't, not for want of will but a deficiency of knowledge and proper guidance on how to go about it.

At Talgen, we have made it a duty to help willing organisations as well as individuals pay their taxes and ensure they do so as at when due. We give specialist advice and well as hands on training on taxation. We help you understand they kind of tax that you are to pay, the category you fall into, the frequency as well as the channels of remittance.

Executive / Expareiate Onboarding

Coming into a new environment for anyone can be a bit overwhelming. Same applies to even corporate settings, it takes a while to be fully familiar with your work environment vis-a-viz the ethics, rules, duties etc, this organisational socialization process can be tasking and time consuming except a proper guide is provided.

For every time a new employee is engaged, to make their socialization process a tad bit faster, organisations are now engaging the help of specialists to make this transition process smooth and seamless for their employees. This has been proven to save time and opportunity cost by allowing the new entrants to immediately jump into their job description without expending too much energy and time learning an organisation's culture on their own.

This on boarding process is essential for all newly engaged employees but more so for expatriates that are coming in from different climes. They ought to be carefully walked through the process to help them 'acclimatize' easily to save time which is channelled into productivity immediately by hitting the ground running as soon as they've been inducted into the company's culture and modus operandi.

Talgen facilitates these processes for our various clients at all levels, we make the process as smooth as possible because we know that this process ties up with talent experience and goes beyond the usual orientation that most organisations do in under a week.

Our target for new executives/ expatriate is to engage, acclimate and retain their services so we go beyond just pointing them to their offices and and having introductory session with members of staff. We understand that every work place has its underlining philosophy, personality and goals so we make them understand what specific role(s) they are to play, the ethics and how ultimately it feeds into achieving the goals of the organisation.